Breckenridge, CO

We are so excited to be invited to the 2015 Breckenridge International Snow Sculpting Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Follow us to keep up to date on our progress throughout the week (1/26-1/31).

This year we are sculpting  a polar bear balancing on a floating chunk of ice while carefully studying a playful trout. A shiny blanket of ice will lie over the base of the sculpture to represent the water’s surface. While the trout will be partially submersed under the water, only showing his head and tail fin.


The finished product

We are officially off the block and taking a quick snooze before judging at 2pm. The last few days have been bitter cold (wind temps as low as -30) but they were to our advantage because of the use of negative space. We cut out our final support beams at the last minute and all stayed in place. Now let’s see how long that will last 🙂