Meet The Team

joshheadJosh Prusha // The Brains // 20th Year

Growing up in Minnesota and Michigan was a clear sign that Josh was born to play in the snow. Negative temperatures are nothing to this northern snow bunny.

Hitting the block for the first time in 2002, Josh’s team placed first in their division and were invited back for another year at the state level. This is where the love began for Josh. Cold fingers and long nights are worth it all for this unique art.

Caitlin Moore // BOSSY PANTS // 12th Year

Caitlin, Josh’s little sister, keeps the team on their toes during competitions. What would the boys do without someone reminding them to wear a hat, that caffeine isn’t a food and farts don’t stay in snow pants, we can smell them?

Caitlin’s beginning in snow carving stems from the same root as Josh; a winning team in high school. Caitlin and Josh formed a sibling team in 2010 and haven’t looked back.

brianheadBrian Mueller // The Muscle // 9th year

Though originally brought onto the team solely for the sweet beardcicles he grows, Brian has proven to be an irreplaceable asset. With an eye for form, he leads the team in decision making when it comes to the details.

The man has a knack for carving and a mustache that just won’t stop. He has brought the team to a new level by manufacturing new tools and developing answers to their carving dilemmas.


2 thoughts on “Meet The Team

  1. Go team!! Gives the lie to those who think Charleston WV is in “the South.” (but it isn’t really north either, for that matter).

    Great article in the Gazette. Have at it and don’t lose any toes or fingers.

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